Happy Thanksgiving

Top 10 Things I Love about Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Pulling out all of the serving items, and thinking about my Mom, Grandma and Mother-in-Law, which is a happy/sad since none of them are with us anymore
  2. The smell of the food cooking
  3. Listening to Alice’s Restaurant at noon
  4. Having the house filled with family and friends
  5. All my cheesy Thanksgiving decorations, most of which have been gifted to me over the years
  6. Pecan -vs- Pumpkin “Pie Off” I have every year… which one do I really love more???
  7. Sitting and watching football after we eat
  8. Taking the dogs for a walk around the block, and pretending like that exercise negates the food we just ate 🙂 (LOL)
  9. Pumpkin pie for breakfast the next morning
  10. The turkey sandwich leftovers the next day

Until your next trip to LisaLand…Happy Thanksgiving!


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