DevOps Resources

In the last 2 years, there has been groundswell of interest in DevOps; some of my favorites;

  • Websites:
  • Certification Training:
  • Conferences: #DOES14
    • The DevOps Enterprise Summit will assemble leaders of large, complex organizations who are adopting #DevOps, and who will be sharing their transformation stories.
    • They have announced speakers from GE Energy, Macy’s, Disney, Blackboard, Ticketmaster, Target, US Dept of Homeland Security, Nordstrom, Capital One, Raytheon, Barclays…
    • If you love heroic and courageous tales of DevOps transformations, this conference is for you!
    • Use promo code ITSM20 for a 20% discount!

Until your next trip to LisaLand… Happy Reading, Conferencing and Training!